IV2® Real Estate Marketplace

IV2 is a real estate marketplace specialized in location and location-based data.
IV2 serves the full real estate lifecycle, from owning to living in a home: buy, sell, rent, research plots and more. You can compare property facts, such as price, size and market trends, perform a LotLookup, as well as, view lidar property metrics, location and Geoview Street View photos. This starts with IV2's expanding database of more than 2 million properties – including properties for sale, rent, foreclosures and unlisted lots.
As part of our mission, IV2 created the Geopeg® address, a word-based GPS system which allows you to locate, share and save a location, based on easy to remember words such as Dubai.RedFish.
IV2 launched in 2021, and is based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.